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EZ Notes - voice notes & lists????

Alexander Madani

EZ voice notes, typed notes, photo notes, s-pen notes & to do notes note taking

The description of EZ Notes - voice notes & lists????

EZ Notes is the Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer for note taking on-the-fly. Our niche award-winning voice notes pop-up (save) automatically, to turbo boost your mobile Note Taking ! EZ Notes delivers many excellent Note Taking features while maximizing Android device efficiency, and preserving user privacy during Note Taking. EZ Notes eliminates all privacy-threatening permissions required by "free" Note Taking organizers that profit off of their user's personal data and notes, by selling them to advertisers and so-called "trusted partners." EZ Notes instead empowers note taking via complete control over which voice notes, how often, and which of our many services, people prefer to use for Backup, Transfer, and Sharing of notes. Download EZ Notes to begin enjoying our next-gen turbo boosted Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer.

EZ Notes organizer demo > http://tinyurl.com/jmnncqe

EZ Notes organizer overview:

• Enjoy to-do notes, sketched colorful notes, instant voice notes, organize voice notes, color-code voice notes, set reminder notes, share voice notes, Google "cloud print" notes, and Widget notes. Pressed for time? Record voice notes on-the-fly at the touch of a button like no other note taking organizer.
• Easily Share, Backup & Transfer voice notes via powerful cross-web note taking: Email, Facebook, G+, Hangouts, Gmail etc. EZ Notes supports S-pen note taking (courtesy of "Markers" by Daniel Sandler) for collaborating homework notes and sketched notes. There are too many Handy Web Services to note here about EZ Notes.
• Find notes quickly. EZ Folders are a bonus for better organizing! Search notes by words or "Priority Colors." Recover archived (swiped away) notes at the EZ touch of a button using "EZ Undo" which can recover up to 10 notes (not just one note.) The long-term Trash Bin stores ALL swiped away (deleted) notes for easy emergency notes recovery.
• EZ Notes keeps voice notes under your control. We don't use syncing as it: Invites App instability, Adds bloat, exposes user data, requires an internet connection, and consumes resources (e.g. Storage, CPU, RAM, Battery, Wi-Fi etc.) Use "EZ Export" to Backup / Transfer ALL notes or selections of notes.
• Cybersecurity & online privacy of voice notes. EZ Notes is an extremely non-invasive voice notes organizer. Only the Sketching function requires READ / WRITE permission to LOAD / SAVE notes.

✦ Cybersecurity experts prefer our non-invasive approach:

➙ http://tinyurl.com/j9rj8g9

✦ California also just passed a "Consumer Privacy Act of 2018" to penalize Google and other Companies (and Apps) that infringe on their user's privacy by data mining and selling user information to advertisers and other so-called "trusted partners." EZ Notes has never and will never sell our customer's device activities or notes to anyone.

➙ https://tinyurl.com/yc4bas7b

EZ Notes Notes Awards
✦ http://daikonmedia.com/ez-notes-review/
✦ http://bit.ly/1ovhPXL
✦ http://tinyurl.com/jstwpfy
✦ http://tinyurl.com/znb5xfr
✦ http://tinyurl.com/zje2xyd

We provide outstanding support for EZ Notes

✔ EZ Notes has built-in product FAQs

✔ EZ Notes benefits and advantages
➙ http://tinyurl.com/gw2ukuy

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➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea

✔ EZ Notes Privacy Notice

EZ Notes Permissions Notice:

Storage: This is only used by our EZ Notes ("Markers") application in order to Read / Write data From / To the canvas from Storage.

❤ EZ Notes is made in the USA. Thanks for your support.

EZ Notes Copyright © 2014. Developed and owned by Alexander Madani. All rights reserved. No part of the EZ Notes product including the logo, terminology, and screenshots, may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission by Alexander Madani.
Publish Date: June 17, 2018
Latest Version: 2.96
Get it on: Get EZ Notes - voice notes & lists???? on Google Play
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 50,000+
Offered By: Alexander Madani
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